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The Traveling Tee Events creates timeless memories through connection, sustainability, and intention for intimate events.

The Story of The Traveling Tee

Owner and Connector Stephanie Tee started a travel blog in 2011 while studying abroad in Australia. The blog was created to keep track of all her itineraries so if someone asked about a certain destination, she could just send them her post on that specific location. It has since turned into so much more. While Stephanie still does quite a bit of traveling, her blog has evolved into planning and creating experiences in New England, FL, and beyond. She hopes that her way of planning and experiencing life is shown in all of her events whether it be on a beach on Cape Cod or in a manor in the countryside of England.

Meet Stephanie Tee 

Owner/Lead Planner
Curious Traveler/People Connector
Type A Positive Extraordinaire
Lover of Summer Lake Days and Perrier Joeuet Champagne

Stephanie started her career in the wedding industry over 15 years ago in the catering space. Even before that, Stephanie has been planning parties for as long as she can remember. Being the true party planner that she is, she began planning her owned themed birthday parties as early as 5. Celebrating and bringing people together is in her blood and is what she was born to do thanks to her family upbringing where everyone's birthday was treated like a holiday. What is unique about her planning style is that she has seen many angles to weddings. When you see events from different positions, one can create the perfect event the same way a director knows every part in a play. 

Stephanie is known for her calm demeanor while staying extremely organized to get the job done. Having Stephanie in your corner for planning the most important events in your life will give you the ease you are hoping to have. From the start of working together, we will figure out what is most important to you, and make sure you are not being push into anything you are not comfortable doing.

Fun Facts


I am a huge Walt Disney fan for his ability to keep child-like wonder alive.

I sang with Kenny Rogers in high school in his back-up choir.

I was a State Champion Waterskier for many years.

I was captain of the UNH tennis team.

London is my favorite city.

Celine Dion is my ultimate favorite singer, and she held my hand and sang to me when I was 18. 

I studied abroad in Australia, and have been to 24 countries and counting.


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