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I love Disney, like many people. I was just at Disney in December 2017 which made it my 22nd trip. And no, I do not live in Florida. Growing up, my family started taking me to Disney when I was 5 and we went every year until I was 17. I then went off to college and took those years off from visiting my favorite place on earth. Once my sister started attending Rollins college which is 20 minutes from Disney, I began going back.

In 2017, I had the opportunity to do two separate trip. One with my best friend, and the other with my boyfriend.

Here are some tips for when you go:

If you have a friend/family that work at the park, talk to them. ;)

In the military: buy minimum 4 day park hopper pass (~$50/day) and stay at Shades of Green (~$100/night).

Get the Disney Visa credit card. There is no annual fee. I racked up $250 in Disney Dollars as their sign up promotion.

If you go near Christmas time, the extra magic hours at night for Magic Kingdom are not worth it. I felt like it was more crowded than during the day. You want to go during extra magic hours in the morning (8AM) when there is the Very Merry Mickey's Christmas party that night. There are barely any people there, and my bf and I went on all the popular rides all over the MK before 9:30.

#Disney, if you're reading this, bring back the Wishes Fireworks show. Please =)

I also have mastered the "1 Day, 4 Parks Experience." Crazy I know.

Now this takes strategy and no kids allowed in your party. It's best to start the day off with Animal Kingdom or MGM, but that may change with the new attractions opening up soon in MGM. When they do, the lines for the Pandora rides will get shorter.

  • be prepared and bring snacks and a water bottle so you can refill it in the parks

  • wear comfy workout clothes and sneakers

  • have a plan: order of parks

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