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Vacations with Neora International

I work with Neora International, and have been a guest at 4 of their trips. 3 trips were to Mexico, and 1 was on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. Neora rents out the entire ship/resorts. They go big. Neora vacations are the only vacations are don't plan. They are that amazing. To learn how to get on one of the upcoming trips, click here.

1. Cancun, MX : We have stayed at the Fiesta Americana Coral Beach twice. The rooms are elegant with marble floors and large bathrooms. Each room has a seating/couch area and a balcony with an amazing view of the ocean. The food and service is wonderful, and the spa is unlike any spa I have ever been to. We had a free spa treatment which was amazing.

2. Puerto Vallarta, MX: We stayed at the Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta. The views here, amazing. You have the luscious green jungle and mountains behind you, and a gorgeous view of the ocean in front of you. There are so many restaurants to choose from which was crazy because it was all free. The bathrooms in each room are stunning. I felt like I was in a King Kong movie or in Thailand. Just beautiful.

3. Caribbean Cruise: We had an entire ship to ourselves. Just imagine being on a ship cruising to the Caribbean with people who are successful and happy. It's an unreal experience. From the different stops to our own private island for the day. If your company does a cruise and rents out the ship, get on that vacation.

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