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As a child, dreaming of the future was inevitable and something we all did. As we grow older, more and more people lose sight of their dreams. Why does this happen? Life happens, that’s why. If we do not plan our life and envision what we want in it, life will do the planning for us.

This is why we make dream/vision boards, say affirmations, and set goals: so that we are in control of what our dreams are and how we envision our life to be. Align your passion and purpose with your vision, and you shall make your dreams come true. Ivanka Trump said, “Success is setting goals that feel true to who you are, not what others expect of you. And that can change.”

One aspect of having a clear vision is having a crystal clear vision statement. I have heard many through my time with Nerium International, and started comparing my vision statement to others. How was I supposed to have a clear vision like others if I didn’t have the boyfriend/husband/home of my own/children? Then it hit me.

I create the life I want.

Who will my prince charming be? What will my house look like? It all starts with me. We all have to put the pen down on paper and begin. Starting is the hardest part. Once you get going and turn on your imagination, you probably will have a hard time stopping. However, do not confuse having a clear vision with looking into a crystal ball. You are not playing psychic here. Think of this more as setting guidelines for how you want your life to be.

Create your life as you would want it, then let it manifest into existence. Since your future is never set in stone, it is okay for your vision to shift or change. The main goal is to focus on what you truly want to accomplish and the person you want to become.

Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Now take your dreams, and start your vision statement. Set short and long term goals, and make it happen for yourself. Your future is in your hands.

Dream it. Do it. Repeat.

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