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What is your word of the year?

A mentor of mine recommended a book called One Word.

We set a lot of new goals in the new year which can be overwhelming. Having one word that will be your theme for the year will keep you grounded. So, how do you find your word?

  1. The book says to pray and meditate on it.

  2. Write down what you want to work on in all areas of your life. Now found the common denominator. (Don’t force it. Listen to your inner voice. Usually, the first word that comes to your mind is the word you are looking for.)

  3. Once you have your word, encourage those around you to do the same.

For example: My word for 2017: LOVE (interestingly enough, I met my boyfriend in 2017....)

My word for 2018: PROGRESS

Now, what’s yours?

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