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Lewis Howes asks the question “what is your definition of greatness” to all his interviewees. We all have greatness in us, and some show it more than others. Pat Summitt was a woman of greatness. Sadly, she passed away on June 28, 2016. The more stories I read about people that knew her showed her true greatness even more than the 983 wins and seven time national coach of the year awards for women’s college basketball. Pat knew it wasn’t just about in the game; it was about winning in life. Her teams won 73% of their games, but she is most proud that 1005 earned a diploma in her 34 seasons of coaching. She changed women’s basketball as well as the world of coaching forever.

Many can learn from her daily practices. To her, it was about understanding people. Success wrote an article on her stating, “In an interview with Business Tennessee after the Lady Vols won their sixth NCAA title, Wooden said: “The national championships Pat has won don’t really tell the whole story about her. Yes, she knows the game. But most of all she studies people. And much of the time that attribute is overlooked. True leaders understand people, they’re able to analyze each one individually and then give each one the treatment they deserve.”

Pat Summitt on Goals

  • Summitt states “Set a goal that stretches you, requires exceptional effort, but one that you can reach.”

  • Set and achieve goals each and every day.

  • Always have more than one goal to work on achieving.

  • Bring individual goals in line to achieve a team goal.

  • Setting up a system for your goals.

  • Stay true to you principles: If goals are not met/rules are not followed, have set consequences and be strong/uncompromising with them.

In the end, most people want to leave a legacy. Pat Summitt did more than just leave a legacy. She left a legacy powered by goals and change. Her leadership and compassion for people has left a ripple on so many, and will continue to change women’s lives every day.

Source: Success Magazine

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