Mediterranean Cruisin'

I recently got back from a Norwegian cruise in Europe. The cruise started and ended in Barcelona, Spain for us. You had the option of getting on and off at other ports as well. We walked a total of 77 miles in a span of 7 days!!!! So much to see and do in these cities. Just an FYI: it's about an hour train ride from the port to Florence, Rome, and Monte Carlo. You are docked in Barcelona and Naples so those don't require transportation. Pisa was a 10 minute train ride, and in Palma Mallorca, it's about a 2 mile walk to Old Town where the old monastery is.

We arrived two days early in Barcelona to explore this amazing city. The sights, the palm trees, the sangria....shall I go on? We stayed at an AirBnB in Barcelona that was a 10 minute walk to Los Ramblos. Some places to see while in Barcelona are as follows: (cue Pharrell's new track "Sangria Wine")

1. Los Ramblos: street with canopy trees, street vendors, and restaurants (don't recommend eating here)

2. Park Guell: get here before 8 AM to get in for free

3. Barceloneta Beach: fun beach, bar areas with some good sangria, nice walk to see the W Hotel

4. Barcelona Aquarium: has a full tunnel to walk through SO COOL

5. Sagrada Familia - go in if you want to spend the money

6. El Corte Ingles : shopping mall with 10 floors

Good places to eat:

1. Bar Ramon

2. Brunch & Cake-good breakfast place especially if you can't have gluten or dairy

3. Ugot

4. Ciutat Comtal - we went here for breakfast, eat in the library in the back, it's beautiful

5. La Placa - located at the top of El Corte Ingles and has a great view of the city

Once on the ship, we enjoyed one day at sea where we ate, ate, drank, tanned, went on the slides, and ate some more.

1st Port: Naples: We tried going to the first pizza shop where Eat, Pray, Love was filmed but it was PACKED.

We then took the train to Sorrento where we walked everywhere, and took the ferry back to Naples.

You can also go to Positano and Capri which are both supposed to be beautiful as well.

While in Sorrento: ( they are known for their limoncello and tile work)

1. Get Limoncello at a lemon farm

2. Go have coffee or tea at Hotel de la Syrene (most amazing views and the bellman was so nice)

3. We ate at one of the tavernas by the water at the bottom of the cliffs.

2nd Port: Rome (we walked EVERYWHERE)

1. Vatican: go here first, we couldn't get into the cathedral because the pope was speaking that day but if you get off at the train stop called Roma St. Paul and walk there, you can get in the back entrance which usually doesn't have a long line especially in the morning. You're welcome =)

2. We walked towards the Bridge of Angels and past an old castle

3. Spanish Steps

4. Trevi Fountain

5. All the piazzas because they are all beautiful

6. All the square markets have great stuff

7. Panthenon- first recorded Church B.C.

8. The Forum-nice to walk around, it's big

9. Colloseum (we didn't go in)

10. Gelato from