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4 tips for combatting jet lag


I only take time off when I physically am not close to my office...aka when I am traveling on a plane. I will take red eyes home and go straight to work, or fly home from a European adventure and go to work the next morning (at 6:30 AM and work a 12+ hour day), or I'll fly home from a conference weekend at midnight and go to work the next day. There have been many difference scenarios, but every one of them I have been able to feel (and look like) I never are my secrets to combatting jet lag.

1. Start with the mindset. As soon as you get on the plane, it is the time wherever you are flying to. (i.e. If I am flying from Paris to Boston, as soon as I get on my plane in Paris, I am on Boston time) Also, stop saying things like "well it should be this time" or "I would be asleep right now if I were in Paris still." Wherever you are is whatever time it is.

2. Flying west and shouldn't sleep: I take three brain supplements, a pre/probiotic, an all natural energy chew, and down a ton of water.

Flying east on an overnight flight: I take an all natural sleep chew as soon as I am in my seat. As soon as we are about 1.5 hours from landing, I take the same as instructed if flying west.

3. Drink even more water!!!!

4. How to look refreshed before landing: If an overnight flight: I go use the bathroom to brush my teeth, rinse my face with water, and apply my day cream and eye serum. For any kind of flight: Eye-V patches 30 minutes before landing.

Happy travels!!!!

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