3 days in Portugal

To be clear, my goal for this trip was to see as much as possible during Memorial Day Weekend. This was my cousin and I's Christmas present to our moms. This trip took me a total of 4 months to plan so I hope you can take what you like from the itinerary I put together. If I were to plan it again, I would fly into Porto and out of Lisbon with a stopover in the Azores (another trip)!

Duration: 3 days (took red eye Friday night/arrived Saturday morning and flew back out on Tuesday morning early)

Miles drove: 891.67

Trip essentials: LOTS OF WATER (bring a re-usable bottle with a purifier), eye-v patches when landed from red eye, 2 EHT daily, 2 energy chews daily, 1 coffee around 5 PM daily (yes, you read that correctly), 1 sleep chew before if needed

Other things to know:

1. When renting car outside the airport, get there an hour before your reservation in case they are back up.

2. We never had a problem finding parking anywhere we went (parallel parking) and parking is free overnight in Lisbon.

3. If you are going to get the Lisboa Card, make sure to get the paper copy from the welcome booth in the airport!

Day 1

1. Rented automatic car once landed from the airport (Avis)

2. Grutas de Moeda (7 euros/person) (1 hr 9 min drive)

3. Agueda (cute town that has the umbrella project some months in the year) (1 hr 25 min) My mom bought a whole box of fresh cherries for 5 euros on the side of the road!

4. Aveiro for lunch (32 min)