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All Your Honeymoon Ideas for London and Paris

This was a luxury trip, 100%. Many relaxing moments, time with friends and family, and enjoying the moment. This trip I only really saw Paris from my Uber window (luckily I did get to see the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Arc de Triomphe all lit up at night going to and from dinner), but I was okay with it with the suite we were staying in. Next time I am back in London Town, I will most definitely be checking out the Beaufort Bar and Connaught Bar, and eat at Farzi Cafe and Rules (because Bond obviously).

Arriving at Disneyland Paris on Thursday. and having tickets for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday was perfect. It gave us enough time to enjoy every aspect of the two parks and ride any ride that was closed one of the other days. Head to the bottom for more tips/info about Disneyland Paris along with photos/videos from the trip.


London: Flat in Bankside

Disneyland Paris: Newport Bay Club Hotel

Paris: Hotel Les Bains in Le Marais (stayed in Les Bains Suite - their largest suite) - the most amazing experience/stay of my life in a hotel (First Place with Conrad Tulum in Second, and Montage Deer Valley in Third)


Disneyland Paris: different carts throughout both parks


Paris: Little Red Door, Roxo in our hotel Hotel Les Bains


Flights: Mint on Jetblue (I upgraded at the gate because there were seats available for $860 additional)

Train to Paris/Disneyland Paris: Eurostar Business Premier and SNCF Business Premiere


Sunday morning arrival in London Gatwick (flew over in Mint First Class on Jetblue)

       Slept for a good portion of the morning

       Brunch at Where the Pancakes Are

       Food shopping at Borough Market

Walked around the city

Monday relax day/ queens funeral (everything was closed until 5 PM)

        We watched the funeral on TV

         Visited Juan at the Savoy

         Ordered takeout (dim sum)

Tuesday relaxing morning

         Met Torsten for lunch in Canary Wharf

         Met Nancy in Deptford at her Airbnb

         Explored Greenwich (Prime Meridian)

         Dinner and drinks at 67 Pall Mall with Marcus, Nancy, and Jacqueline


         Met Lorraine at Covent Garden

         London Eye

         Afternoon Tea at the Library at County Hall

         Saw Westminster Abbey

         Afternoon coffee at Trafalgar Rooftop

         Amazing seats (5 rows from stage - right under the chandelier) at Phantom of Opera

         Drinks at Lyaness


         First Class train to Disneyland Paris

         Went straight to the parks until they closed


         Disneyland all day with premier access


         Disneyland until 2 pm

         Train to Paris

         Stayed at Hotel Les Bains in Le Marais (my favorite area in Paris)

         Drinks at Little Red Door

         Relaxed back at the hotel

         Dinner at L’Atelier (Michelin 1 star)

         Champagne at hotel’s night club (opening night)


          Relaxed before first class train back to London

          Food shopping at Borough Market

          Tea from Bird and Blend

          Made dinner together

          Both packed for our trips

          Relaxed watching Peter Pan (because well, when in London...)

Monday flew back to Boston from Gatwick


3 Day/2 nights staying on property is the perfect amount of time

The best part of the parks: The Dream and Shine Brighter Parade HANDS DOWN!!!!

The drone and firework show is pretty good as well as the Avengers Campus Fireworks show which I thought was even better (it was almost like a techno dance party).

Rides: Avengers Assemble Flight Force (same as Rock n' Roller Coaster), Thunder Mountain, Crush's Coaster, Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, Indiana Jones

Eat/Drink: We ended up eating at kiosks throughout the park/at quick service spots like Stark Factory in the Avengers Campus, Au Chalet de la Marrionette (good size roasted chicken) in Fantasyland, and Cafe Hyperion in Discoveryland (there are many different options to choose from so you won't go hungry)

Restaurants in the park must be booked at least 2-3 months prior (Auberge/Remi, Pirates, etc) but it's fairly easy to make reservations at the hotels/Disney Village (TIP: download the Disneyland Paris app and make reservations as soon as you know your dates, you do not need a park reservation here like WDW)

Stay: Newport Bay Club Hotel was a good choice (we heard New York New York Marvel was underwhelming but you may still love it if you are a huge Avengers fan)

When leaving the parks to head back to the hotel, make sure to go through Disney Village.


The Dragon underneath the castle at Disneyland Paris


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