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This itinerary combines my two trips to Norway as well as some additional spots to check out that I didn't make it to so you can experience this beautiful country to the fullest. Adventures by Disney, eat your hearts out with this one.

This itinerary could easily take 2.5-3 weeks to truly embrace the beauty that is Norway.

Fly into Oslo (few options from here)

Option #1: Check into Radisson Red at the Oslo Airport, take the train in the Oslo to explore for the day then fly up to Bodo in the morning

Option #2: Fly straight to Bodo when you land if you can line the flights up right

Once in Bodo, rent a car and take the ferry to Moskenes. Buy these at least a few months in advance if you can here. The ferry to Moskenes will take 4 hours, cell service will be limited on the boat, there is food available for purchase, and outlets to charge phone available. Make sure to head outside within the last hour of the journey to see the Lofoten Islands become larger than life in front of you.

Check into Holmen Lofoten (5 min from Moskenes Ferry Terminal). If you are arriving before check in time, head to A which is the final town in the Lofoten Islands. There is a trail that will take you to the beach in A. That night, have dinner at the restaurant at Holmen. You will not be disappointed.

Hikes to do while here: Reinebringen (do at 5/6 AM-park at one of the pull offs and walk along the road) and Munken (start at the Tindstinden Hike Trailhead-free parking). You can do a private hike through Holmen if you want an amazing hike with the best hiking guide in Lofoten!

Holmen is in the process of building saunas so if they are built by the time you are reading this, use theirs since you are staying there and jump in the water for a true Scandinavian sauna experience. Catogarden in Reine is another great spot to do a sauna. Sauna/ocean dips are going to be a lifesaver for your legs after all these hikes. Holmen also offers midnight kayaking and fishing trips which I recommend as well.

Other Restaurants to try in the Moskenes Area of Lofoten: Maren Anna (fish of the day) + Anita's Seafood (fish burgers and local fish soup)

I recommend staying at Holmen for 5-6 days to truly take in this beautiful area. This would be a perfect spot for an elopement/intimate wedding/event.

Let the road trip begin! (take as many days as you want, but you can do this in 2 days)

Places to Stop At (in this order):

  • Ryten/Kvalvika Beach/Hike

  • Lofoten Seaweed to pick up some local souvenirs

  • Leknes (if you need a pharmacy/shops)

  • Haukland Beach (can do the Mannen Hike from here/parking is free)

  • Unstad:surf town to have cinnamon buns at the Artic Surf Cafe

  • Henningsvaer

  • Svolvaer (can stay here at the Thon Hotel)

From here, you can fly back to Bodo OR continue the driving to Bodo.

Fly Bodo to either Trondheim or Bergen. (I suggest Bergen) - then rent another car

  • Geirangerfjord

  • Laerdal

  • Flam

  • Odda/Hike Trolltunga/do sauna in the fjords to recover

Drive to Oslo and explore the city:

  • Waffles and tea/coffee at Hønse-Lovisa’s House

  • Damstredet

  • Lunch at Den Glade Gris

  • Royal Palace (changing of the guards 1:30 pm daily)

  • National Theatre

  • Aker Brygge (shopping, Nobel Peace, National Museum)

  • Akershus Fortress

  • Opera House

  • Oslo Domkirke church

Oslo is very walkable and has trams/buses everywhere. Make sure to download the Ruter app.

Other food places I’d like to try:

  • Grezzo

  • Oslo Street Food

  • Bei Bei


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