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The PERFECT Cape Cod Bach Itinerary

The PERFECT Cape Bach Itinerary including where to stay, tips, and what to do/eat/see.

WHERE TO STAY: Airbnb in Wellfleet (only downfall was that you had to bring your own towels, bed sheets, and trash bags)

HOW TO GET THERE: Drive, fly into Ptown or Hyannis to get picked up, take ferry to Ptown from Boston (have 2 people who want to DD)

WHEN: Mid July Thursday to Sunday so you have a full two days, Thursday and Sunday were travel days

PREP: Buy food to make breakfast and one dinner together ahead of time, ample amount of alcohol of choice for group (jello shots on the boat?), have one person use their credit card and have everyone download Splitwise

DAY 1 (Friday)

Morning (make breakfast at the airbnb)

  1. Take a walk on the beach that is only 5 min walk away

  2. Grab coffees at Ceraldi on the way

  3. Shop at the Frying Pan Gallery and Wellfleet Marine


Truro Vineyards for a private tasting + order food from the Crush Pad food truck if hungry (they give you 5 wines to try, 1 full drink, and an amazing charcuterie board)

Head back to the airbnb to change.

Around 4:30 PM (easier to find parking after that time, still $30 that gets applied to food/merchandise)

Beachcomber for drinks, beach, and dinner (OYSTERS AND STEAMERS, YES PLEASE!!!)


Head back to airbnb for a chill relaxing night or check out the live band at The Pearl (walking distance)

Day 2 (Saturday)

Have breakfast at the airbnb/walk to Ceraldi for coffee + fresh baked goods


Order lobster rolls and other food from Mac's to bring on the boat

Boat Day on Bass River or out of Sesuit Harbor (Freedom Boat Club)

If on Bass River, head out the mouth of the river to Monomoy then anchor near the jettis


Make dinner at airbnb together (we did pulled pork tacos - the airbnb had a crockpot so some of the girls prepped the food before we went on the boat)

Get ready to go out (THEME: DIAMOND AND HER JEWELS)


Provincetown - Crown and Anchor for a fun dance spot or John Dough's/Red Room at Velvet Night Club


Best Cupcakes on Cape (my opinion): ScottCakes


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