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Tulum, Mexico

I was invited on a trip to Tulum the end of February 2022 to be a guest on my mom's company trip she earned with Neora International. They rented out the entire brand new Conrad Hilton Resort which was out of this world stunning. The hotel typically isn't all inclusive, but since the company rented the whole resort, it was for us.

The company took care of all logistics besides the excursion day and if we wanted to use the spa at the resort. The spa would have been amazing been they only offered 5 different treatments, and they were all $300+ USD so I cannot speak from experience with the spa. Neora hired a shuttle service to transport us to and from the airport to the hotel both ways. Four out of the five days we stayed at the resort because why not when everything is paid for (including gratuities). See the photo gallery at the end of the post for pictures of this gorgeous resort.

I put together a special excursion day for my mom, and news spread fast to the rest of my family's organization in the company who were also going to Tulum. The day went from four people to seventeen. LOL We all had such a memorable day, and I wouldn't change it for the world.

TRANSPORTATION: Transportations Cancun $210 + tip to rent the shuttle for 10 hours, $30 for every additional hour (comes with driver who stays with vehicle while out exploring and the company pays for parking at each location you go to) HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY! You can book one of their tours already created or customize your own excursion day.


1. Tulum Ruins $4-$5/ticket, we got a guide for our group for $10/ticket (you really don't need one) parking if free and the line isn't bad if you get there before 9 AM to get in line or around 2:30 PM, open from 9 AM-4:15 PM every day

2. Coba $4/ticket, if you want a guide there are plenty near the entrance, I would recommend renting a

bike for $2.50 for 2 hours. I went off on my own and got myself lost and then had to run 1.5 miles to find everyone. (I felt like I was in a Lara Croft Tomb Raider movie). Sadly, you can no longer climb the big pyramid here. (The link I attached for Coba has some great tips, except Coba opens at 9 AM now not 8)

They had a coconut guy near the bathrooms here. Highly recommend trying one. They were roughly $3/coconut which he cut open right in front of you.

3. Muyil We didn't go here so the link has info on these ruins

4. Chichen Itza - the most famous of the Mayan Temples $26/ticket or skip the line ticket is $35 (we didn't go here) this was almost 3 hours from our resort in Tulum and would have taken up a full day


1. Casa Tortugas $35/ticket includes 4 different cenotes -we went here, your ticket comes with free tequila tasting (I know, very touristy, but it was still fun since we didn't go to a tequila distillery) 15 minute drive towards Tulum from the Conrad

2. Jardin del Eden - most popular cenote in Tulum (didn't go here) but was only 20 minutes north from our resort

3. Coba Cenotes like Choo Ha, Multun-Ha, and Tankach-Ha $3/ticket

4. Gran $8/ticket

For all top cenotes and more information on them, click here or here.


1.Azulik-must spend a minimum of $35/person...worth it, trust me. This is also a very popular boutique hotel. I suggest having lunch here between 11:30-2 PM when it's not that busy. Also, the egg nests are cool, but there is no shade. 85 F+degrees and no shade....I will eat in the shade, thank you.

2.Ziggy's Beach Club (one of the popular spots in Tulum)

3. Coco Tulum (also on the beach where you can eat in swings)

4. Matcha Mama for smoothie bowls and juices

5. Bagatelle for the higher end beach spot


  • Bring pesos (most ruins only accept pesos) - I suggest getting a minimum of $200 USD worth from AAA if you have a membership with them (no fees)

  • This may and hopefully will change soon- you needed to wear a mask to enter the ruins/pay for tickets , but as soon as we were through the entrance you could remove them.

  • Learn about places you are visiting before going so you don't have to pay for a guide and still understand and appreciate everything you are seeing

  • The giant sculpture generally has a line

  • The "Follow Your Dream" sign is literally a street sign FYI

  • Tulum is one of the most instagrammable places I have visited so far. Make sure you have plenty of room on your phone for pictures.

  • I have T-mobile which allowed me to use my phone in Mexico just like if I was in the states. Check with your carrier to make sure you can use your phone while out of the US.



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