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Weekend in the White Mountains

March 18-20, 20222

Airbnb: Mountain View Chalet in Whitefield, NH, another option would be the Mountain View Grand Resort which reminded me of the Omni Mount Washington Resort which is only 20 minutes away

Food/Drink: bought groceries for the weekend, dinner one night at the Mountain View Grand Resort in the Harvest Tavern (if you can get reservations at 1865 Wine Cellar do that...if you are feeling fancy), and Sunny's Pizza for another night

Things to do in the area:



The White Mountains are spectacular and are definitely a must see in this lifetime. If you are feeling extra adventurous, hike up Mount Washington or take a 3 hr drive to Montreal!

I was in Whitefield for my elopement editorial called Something Green in the White Mountains so look out for a blog post on the full editorial soon!


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