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Why I Travel

Travel can have many meanings for many people. Travel to me used to be to see new places and experience new cultures. After being forced to stay home due to the virus, it has even more of a profound meaning to me.

Between October thru December, I would begin planning my trips for the next year. I would have certain destinations I wanted to see and explore, so I would book my flights and start planning from there. I would break up my year to have roughly between 4-7 trips planned (these could be weekend trips). I now realize that what I was doing was continuously breaking my own patterns and routines. I love my routines while working, don't get me wrong, but when I would break them up with a trip, I would come back with more appreciation towards structure and routine. By the time my appreciation was starting to run low, I would typically have another trip coming up.

Travel became a way to appreciate the world as a whole while still having gratitude for what I had at home. In other words, I planned change in my life. Constant change throughout the year helped me acclimate to whatever life would throw at me. Travel put my life into perspective. Travel is change, and change is the only thing in life that is constant. Remember that as we all travel through life.


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