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You can't travel well if you don't have your health.

"Self care is selfless."

I have always believed in the body's ability to heal itself. Here are some things that I do to stay healthy without medications.

Chiropractic: weekly

Acupuncture: biweekly

Massage: monthly

Meditation: daily

Gratitude Journal: daily

Affirmations: daily

Supplements: Fish Oil, EHT, Probiotics

Beauty: Skincare (night/day, body, cleanser) ; Mascara ; Deodorant ; Body Wash ; Sunscreen


1. I use my cleanser as my shaving cream which leaves my skin soft and hydrated.

2. I use water only to wash my face 4/7 days a week. I do not wear makeup/it's good to have natural oils on your face.

3. Dry brushing before you shower helps with the skin's fascia. You brush towards your heart. (My massage therapist has noticed a huge difference since I started.)

4. I use avocado oil in my hair as a hair mask, and to clarify I use Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar. 

5. Getting a facial once every 6 months or every time the season changes. 

6. I use a silk pillowcase on my cervical pillow at night. 

7. When I need an extra boost in the morning, I will use these eye patches during my commute to work/get off the plane. 

8. Instead of coffee, have hot water with lemon in the morning. 

9. When traveling, I take 3 brain supplements instead of two, and I make sure to have enough energy/sleep chews with me. 

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