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Cape Cod Bachelorette

Truro Vineyard

My sister is getting married this November in Florida and we had her bachelorette on Cape Cod over Labor Day weekend. There were 13 girls attending as well as my best friend, our mom, and her future mother in law (MIL). It was quite the large group and everyone came from different parts of the country even one from Vietnam. I told all the girls to fly in either Thursday or Friday and to get in no later than noon Friday due to traffic going on Cape for the holiday weekend. Luckily, Jen's MIL was happy to stick around Boston and wait for one of the girls that didn't get in until Friday night.

Transportation: Girls coming from MA and NH drove their cars so we had 6 cars that eventually went down to the Cape. We organized pick ups from/to the airport/Cape, and switched off who drove while on Cape.

Lodging: VRBO home in Yarmouth; myself and best friend stayed with my grams house at her home on the Bass River in West Dennis; my mom/Jen's future MIL stayed at my grams other house in South Dennis (all within 10 minutes)

Food/Drinks: My gram cooked for all 16 of us Friday night, bought food at the market for breakfasts and lunches, had dinner out at the Ocean House (I made those reservations 2 months prior); For drinks we bought mainly seltzers and champagne for mimosas. Jen got hard alcohol at her bridal shower the weekend before so we brought those as well but the girls didn't drink them.

Goody Bags: I found "Hangover Bags" at Marshalls and filled them with the following: everyone got a glass nip of Tito's, hair ties, bobby pins, hair clips, eye-v patches, youth factor (great for hangovers/when you need nutrients), unicorn gold (like poopouri), an essential oil (found at Marshalls), and the t-shirts I had made for everyone ( @madebymelcrafts on instagram)

Activities: pinata filled with candy, nips, funny band-aids, and a USB essential oil diffuser; pin the guy (you know the game), and wish I brought some card games like Cards Against Humanity, etc.

Itinerary: I had asked my sister what she wanted to do so I put days together that made the most sense and planned them for specific days once I could see what the weather was going to be like (we lucked out on having amazing weather).

Friday Day 1: [travel day]

Mayflower Beach

Dinner at Gram's on Bass River

Activities at the VRBO house

Saturday Day 2:

Oyster Farming at Crowe's Pasture in East Dennis (we have a friend that owns beds there)

Mimosas and Breakfast at the VRBO house

Beach Day and played volleyball at Red Jacket Inn

Sunday Day 3:

Breakfast had the house

Truro Vineyards for wine tastings

Monday Day 4: Most girls headed out by 10 AM to catch their flights/go home. We had to check out of the VRBO by 11 AM.

Chatham: Candy Manor and went to see the seals at the fishing pier

Overall, organizing a bachelorette for 16 total coming from all over was a challenge but turned out to be one amazing weekend. To close out here are some key things to remember when planning the bachelorette weekend:

1. Bride comes first. Attendees come second.

2. Have a plan but allow the plans to change/not do everything if you are enjoying what you are currently doing.

3. Have back up activities for a "girls night in."

4. Let attendees know ahead of time to take out cash.

5. Cheese and crackers/gallons of water for the win.

6. Have extra coolers to bring to the beach/for food.

Hope this helps anyone planning a Cape Cod Bachelorette!


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