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10 things to know before going to Walt Disney World

Before I get into the top 10 things to know, we need to set the tone. Many people go to Disney World with a negative attitude. They think long lines, strollers, sweating, etc. Remember though, what you think about you bring about. Yes, there will be long lines, strollers, etc, but what will you choose to focus on? Those negative things or creating forever memories with your family and friends. It's your choice.

1. You don't need a water bottle. Most places that sell food will give you a cup of water if you ask. If they can't, they will give you directions on where you can get water. If you can find a Starbucks in the park you are in, go straight to the area where people pick up their drinks. They have ice waters ready to go. And don't worry, there are plenty of bathrooms throughout the park.

2. Download the WDW app. This will allow you get fast passes prior to arriving at the parks which is crucial if you don't want to wait in lines. I wouldn't get a fast pass for a ride that has a single rider line (Rockn Rollercoaster, Everest, Star Wars Millenium Falcon, Test Track) It also will give you a map to the park and wait times to the rides.

3. Don't be afraid to ask for help from cast members. The answer is always no unless you ask, and it is their job to find a solution if they can for you. (wink wink)

4. Always be nice to cast members and those around you because it's the right and kind thing to do.

5. You can bring your own snacks/food into the parks so you don't have to spend money. Just know that you will have to wait in the bag check line at security if you have a bag full.

6. Carry less if you can. If I am just going for the day (I don't go with children), all I bring with me is my phone, cards I need such as my license and debit card (I wear my magic band), suncreen, and a portable phone charger and chord. This way you can get away with going in the "no bag line" (one less line to wait in).

7. The parks aren't as crowded early in the morning or early afternoon. (except for Pandora and now Star Wars because of the attractions there) Take advantage of extra magic hours if you have them!

8. Eat at off times if going to dine at the parks. This may seem like common sense but if you can avoid eating around noon and 6 PM, you will have a better chance at getting reservations places or not have to wait in line for food. If you really want to eat at places like Be Our Guest, you can typically find reservations for late at night. Just keep checking the app because you can book on there.

9. If there is a single rider line, ALWAYS choose single rider. You will always have less of a wait. During Thanksgiving weekend 2019, I rode Star Wars Millenium Falcon twice in 20 minutes when the regular line was 180 minutes long. Having more time to explore the parks and go on more rides is better than needing to sit next to your friends/family on a ride that lasts 3 minutes (unless you need to with kids) Just saying.

10. Fast passes free up randomly so always be checking the app. If you have a glitch on your app, remember to see Guest Experiences which are located throughout the parks. They are the best and make your day more magical.

If anyone has further questions about Disney or the parks, don't hesitate to ask!

The Traveling Tee

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