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Content Creation

All the behind the scenes captured so you can enjoy being in the moment.


What is content creation?

Content creation is capturing the raw, "in the moment" moments from the perspective of a wedding professional. From design to being behind the lens as a wedding photographer, we have spent the past 4+ years capturing those moments for our clients as well as being hired as the content creator for Jen Tee Photography.

The purpose of content creation is to not take the place of photography or videography, but to enhance it by adding raw footage for clients to receive the same weekend as their wedding.

All raw photos and videos are sent via Google or iCloud shared album for clients to then download. We also create a collaborated Instagram reel with the clients with music of your choice.

Why Moments by TTTE?

As a planner, I realized that myself, photographers, and videographers were the only people there with you throughout the entirety of your day. 

You don't want your wedding party and family holding their phones videoing you the entire time. You want them to be in the moment with you.

This is where we come in. We capture all the little moments that matter. The moment you saw your partner for the first time, the little details of your day you worked so hard to plan, and who was dancing with who on the dance floor. 

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