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10 days in Sweden

One of my best friends is Swedish, and lives in Sweden. After 6 years of friendship, I decided to visit her in August of 2016. She had a car that we used to travel throughout the country.

I flew into Gothenburg. This city is quant and just a cute city. We just walked around the city for the day, and had meatballs with gravy and lingonberry sauce by the river which is a must.

After a day there, we drove about 2 hours north to Hunnebostrand where her parents have a summer home. Many Swedes who live in Stockhom go here or to Smorgen for summer holidays. Hunnebostrand has adorable white summer homes with red roofs. There are many cute shops down by the water and in Smorgen. So many good places to have good fika too which is what Swedes say when they are having small snacks/coffee etc. There is a lot of shrimp to eat so be prepared. If it's still warm enough, many tan on the rocks and go for a dip. (ps I had the most amazing Blue Mussels across from the Marina in Smorgen)

From there we drove to Uppsala for a night. Another cute town about an hour outside of Stockholm. Saw the botanical gardens and castle there.

We then drove to Bromma which is my favorite place if I could live in Sweden. It is similar to the Newton of Boston. The houses are gorgeous and it was a short walk to the tram which took you into Stockholm within 20 minutes.

While in Stockholm:


A must for going out: Tradgarden

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