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I have a few questions for you?

  1. What are you doing for your health?

  2. How do you start your day?

The second question actually goes with the first question believe it or not. How you start your day affects your health, positively or negatively. I have many ask me what I do for my health not because I’m the most fit person, but because I’m a happy/lover of life person. When it comes down to it, are you happy with your life right now? There are countless of articles and ways to improve your health. This is a short post on what I have taken from many podcasts/books/articles. (shoutout to Tim Ferriss, Drew Canole, and Tony Robbins)

As soon as I started doing a morning routine, my day started to become more and more productive. Here it is:

  1. Journal: I start off with all the things I was proud of/things I accomplished the day before. I then script out how I want my day to go. Gratitude is next. Try and pick something different every day. Lastly, write a few “I am” statements/ affirmations and say them out loud with meaning.

  2. Read at least 10 pages of a good book (a book that will better you like a personal development book).

  3. MEDITATE. This includes clearing your mind, and focusing on your breathing. If you need some guidance, I suggest trying the free trials on the Headspace and Calm apps. Once I am done, I open my eyes and do some light stretching.

That’s it! It’s easy to do, yet easy not to do. It’s up to you. You do not have to do these in any specific order. You can also add on. (I was not going to get into workouts/nutrition) As for what I do personally, I mainly stick to eggs and avocado with two large glasses of water sometimes hot water with lemon. I then take my fish oil and EHT which both are good for the brain. I also do vinyasa yoga. That’s all for now folks! For more on what I do, visit the wellness page on my site.

Hope everyone has an amazing day and remember, all you have is NOW. You have one mind/body/soul; make it count.

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