MDW in Iceland

The flight

I booked my flight for MDW on January 18 which was a Tuesday and paid $330. My cousin booked hers about a month before leaving and paid about $400. WOW has good deals on flight to and from Iceland. Just know that if you plan on taking a carry on, you are going to pay. The planes to and from are very bare as well. For a 5 hour flight, no snacks or drinks are served for free and there are no TVs. So just keep that in mind.

Day 1

Our flight arrived at 5 am. Unlike what I had read online, the airport did have a few places open in the airport if you wanted food. We took the car rental shuttle bus to Sixty because it was pouring out. I booked our car and hotel through Expedia. The package ended up being $440 before I added an extra day and gravel insurance. It took about five minutes to get our car and we were off. No wait time.

First stop, Kirkjufellsfoss. About a 3 hour drive from the airport. This is in GOT so I wanted to see it obvi. I didn’t think about the weather however, so when we arrived, you couldn’t see much which was a tad disappointing since we drove 3 hours to see it.

Second stop, Thingvellir National Park (2.5 hour drive). There is a lot to see and do here such as a fault line, waterfall, and where Europe and North America meet.

Third stop, Geysir (37 min drive). I was quite unimpressed with this stop. It was overcrowded and to see water pop out of the water for 2 seconds really wasn’t my cup of tea.

Fourth stop, Gullfoss Falls (10 min drive). The falls were awesome to see. Lots of viewing points too.

Fifth stop, Kerid (48 min drive). This was the only place we had to pay to see. It was about $4 so it wasn’t bad. You can see the crater from above and go down to the lake of the crater as well.

Sixth stop, Hveragard (20 min drive). This stop is only worth it if you are in the mood to hike. We were not due to being tired. We also were a bit confused on where this actually was since there is no signs of visitor parking like we saw for the other stops.