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Beach Elopement in New Smyrna Beach

Corynn and Garret wanted to get married on the beach in front of their parents and the water.

They picked New Smyrna Beach for its beaches, sights, and views of a Lighthouse. They chose November because it is right at the end of hurricane season, and the days are warm and sunny.

Photographer Jen of Jen Tee Photography worked closely with them to capture their beach ceremony moments while planner Stephanie of The Traveling Tee Events set up their seashell decor.

Corynn wore a boho, simple yet chic gown (easy to navigate on the sand), and went barefoot. For florals, she chose a peachy bouquet and a floral crown to match. Garret wore a dark grey suit with a peach boutonniere to match Corynn's florals.

It ended up being a perfect day, and locals even offered them drinks to celebrate.

After their beach ceremony and portraits, they headed to a local nearby restaurant to celebrate with close friends and family.


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