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Bachelorette in Paris

The ultimate girls trip! This entire trip was put together by my girl, the bride herself!

Duration: 5 days (4 activity days)

Time of Year: Labor Day Weekend (60s-70s F, had a couple days with some rain)

Things to Note: No one is in a rush in Paris, dinners could be 4+ hours, enjoy the moment and just being in Paris, on bachelorettes-have down time for guests to explore on their own if they want/ go to the spa/relax so everyone is ready for the group activities

Day 1

Checked into our airbnb, settled in while everyone arrived

Kick Off Drinks in the garden courtyard of Fabula

Afternoon Snacks at Chez Janou but highly recommend for dinner

Headed back to the Airbnb to meet the rest of the girls and get ready for the night

9 PM Dinner at Cafe De L'Homme on the patio

Day 2

Champagne Tour with Sparkling Tour

  • 3 Champagne Houses

  • Lunch in Epernay

  • Explored Champagne houses in Epernay on Champagne Avenue

Everyone got their own dinner that night

Day 3

Breakfast at Cafe Laperouse (another great breakfast spot is Biglove or Angelina's if you want to be fancy)

Everyone had free time to go shopping, explore museums, and enjoying everything Paris has to offer

8 PM Dinner Le Cinq Mars

Drinks at Bar James Joyce

After drinks we just followed where the night took us to different bars and clubs in the 6th arr.

Day 4

We had the day to roam, most went to Montmartre as well as explore the Saint Oeun Flea Market

(I don't recommend going unless on a mission, it is quite impossible to get out of there with traffic)

While in Montmartre, try your best to get a reservation at Pink Mamma

Private Boat Cruise on the Seine (there are many different companies - best to find one that either provides alcohol or lets you bring it as well as provide a bluetooth option for music)

9:30 PM Dinner and a show at Mondaine

Day 5

Travel Day/Say Goodbye =(


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