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Favorite Products for the Night Before and Morning of Your Wedding

As a wedding planner, I have been needed for many things. Having a special night before/morning of kit is the perfect way to kick off your wedding day right. Here are some of my favorites to give my brides:

Night Before (get to bed early enough so you can get 8 hours of sleep, stay away from inflammatory items like dairy, gluten, alcohol, and sugar if you can)

  1. A collagen mask (I love Neora's Collagen Mask - only available certain times of the year)

  2. A chapstick to keep your lips hydrated for the big day (I love Oak Essentials Conditioning Lip Balm)

  3. Bedtime Tea (anything herbal)

Morning Of (start your day in peace: do a meditation or yoga, write down what your grateful for, and have lemon water, breakfast ie: protein smoothie, fresh fruit, eggs and avocado)

  1. Eye patches to get your under eyes prepped for makeup (I love Neora's Eye-V Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches)

  2. Once drinking begins, stay hydrated by adding LMNT or Youth Factor to your water for flavor

  3. If you need an energy pick me up, have an energy+ wellness chew from Neora

  4. Extra bobby pins, bandaids, organic tampons/pads, advil or ibuprofen, nausea drops for any pregnant ladies, scissors, and a steamer are just to name a few other items.

Planning to fail is a fail to plan, and that does include the night before and morning of your wedding. Let us help you have a seamless/calm wedding experience with us.


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